Getting Back On The Horse

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Blogging. I used to blog but gave it up. I wasn’t sure it was my thang, if you know what I mean. There are so many blogs out there that for a person like me it just seemed overwhelming.

I had a good friend over for lunch not long ago. As always, a great encouragement. She understands my desire to be expressive and told me I needed to start up again. She was right. I’ve always viewed blogging as a kind of soap box that I had to be an expert in something…anything…everything. I just wasn’t that person. I have struggles. Insecurities. Talents that other people are much more gifted in. Areas of my life that are not Pinterest worthy. Why would I want to share that?

I also used to journal (back before “blogging” was even a word). After years of journaling, I finally stopped because I felt I was only documenting my emotional spew on things. It was depressing (at least to me). It seemed very self centered and really…unsober. Very directionless and uninspiring. My previous blogging attempt was the same way.

This time, I’ve found my new mindset. Documentation of the things I’m inspired by, dreams I’ve never written down, and skills I hope to pass on to my children. I had a very good childhood but had no documentation of my parents’ reflections during that time in their lives. (I’m not sure if there were many of us who did!) Many times I’ve asked, “I wonder if Mom and Dad did this?…” or “What were they thinking when they were going through such-in-such season?” As I watch my own children grow, I see how quickly the time passes. If it weren’t for some documentation (baby book, photos, video) it’s a wonder I remember anything.

Even as I write this, I struggle not let my backlog of blog entries pile up. So many things I’ve wanted to write about for so long but didn’t do it at the time. That’s okay. I reassure myself the topics will resurface when the time is right. That’s what makes them worth documenting, right?

Talk to you again soon.